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Apriorit Inc.
27 February
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Apriorit Inc. is a modern software development&research company. It unites us - ambitious young specialists in various IT and other areas.

We like corporate and network security; some of us form the misterious and famous Network Security Team. Sometimes others think that these guys are just playing some computer hide-and-seek all the time; sometimes - that they are reinventing system programming.

One more type of our geeks is Virtualization-Inspired. Virtual machines, terminal services, cloud computing, redirection of everything and labyrinthes of virtualized environments - they are in, all the time. They hung all their walls with Matrix posters - what else can we say?

Serious guys go to the Driver Development Team. They can debug your Windows with two wires and a box. They can learn you machine to say "Hi buddy!" instead of "Welcome!" at system boot. They can create some other world of your file system. Frequent diving into kernel level has changed their minds... Well, perhaps a bit.

Device Team. We all love Device Team; this is the place, where you can always try some new mobile, laptop, GPS, any-other-wow-cool-device. And also, you can get to know a lot of internal structure of your gadgets. They develop software for devices? Actually, they develop computer software to understand and deal with devices, any devices you can find.

To control all this unlimited creativity, we have Quality Assurance specialists among us. Requirements and specifications; intention to simulate any environment, situation and conditions; implicit internal rivalry - sometimes, it causes hot discussions, but it also leads to the high quality of our work.

Technical writers keep a chronicles of our projects and working days.

Who else? Some optimistic managers and marketers that try to live with everything that. Yep.